Step 1: Brainstorm and Design Process

In June an email was sent out to our dream team. Who wants to enter flugtag? The response came back that each member was excited about it. With more and more discussion about the idea we decided that we should start with the Red Bull Soap box race however due to the proximity. So we started the brainstorm process.

What should we build? What would work with a skit? What has been done already? One night of solid brainstorming with ideas ranging from Ambulances, fire trucks, Death Race 2000 cars to a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder. The Ferris Bueller theme was decided and we began coming up with our entry.

What could we do to make this entry stand out? How would we assure ourselves a spot in this competition? Well turns out they have musical cards that use the OH YEAH song...

After a few weeks we got word, we were in!

Our design process started at that point. We needed to come up with a way to make this thing fast, but still true to the car. It needs to be amazing, but it needs to be functional. We started by measuring our driver, luckily I live in a lofted house so running upstairs and taking a photo straight down of Matt with a tape measure laying next to him gave us a good reference.


A lot of time was spent in front of the computer, just putting some ideas down to figure out the best plan for our build. Three out of five of us are Industrial Design students and all of us share the desire to play with materials, get experience with things that we haven't done before and this project was shaping up to be a way to really have some fun with a learning experience.



One of our early prototype drawings looked like this.


The design process was a very important step. We spent time sketching, conceptualizing and brainstorming what the chassis should be, originally we were thinking of a rear steer vehicle, but eventually settled on a front steer vehicle. The driver is in a prone position in the vehicle and we worked on the chassis design until the vehicle was low, lean and ready to win! It was time to start cutting!

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